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The true key to real estate ownership is the title. An abstract of title to real estate is, in simplest terms, a history of past ownership. It details all liens and encumbrances, indicating how, when and most importantly, if they were satisfied. Moreover, the abstract of title defines and records the rights of others as they may affect the use of and ownership of your real estate. Title insurance is your protection against any challenges or claims against your ownership.

Services Provided to the Buyer

  • Order Title Insurance, distribute the title report to all parties and follow up on any title problems.
  • Keep in constant contact with the lender.
  • Coordinate lender, agent, buyer, and attorney.
  • Provide you with informative instructions regarding your role in the actual settlement.
  • Prepare settlement notices to agents, buyers, and the mortgage company notifying them of settlement time, date and place.
  • Prepare buyer’s estimate of closing costs with lender’s charges and all other costs to buyers.

Services Provided to the Sellers

  • Pay-offs for mortgages and judgments.
  • Tax, water and sewer rent certifications.
  • Review title commitment and request additional documentation to clear title.
  • Communicate regularly with your buyer’s mortgage company to verify loan status and resolve contingencies.
  • Prepare settlement notices to agents, sellers, the mortgage company and the attorney notifying them of the settlement time, date and place.
  • Prepare sellers estimate of closing costs.
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